Swimming Pool


During the summer season, the Mallard Bay swimming pool is open 24-hours and its use is strictly limited to Mallard Bay property owners and their guests.  There is no lifeguard on duty and, therefore, the safety of all swimmers, particularly children, becomes the responsibility of all persons using the pool at the time.

The main pool and kiddie pool are heated and they're sanitized with a salt-water purification system.  The main pool is approximately 3 feet deep at the shallow end and 5 feet deep at the other end.

No identification media is necessary to use the pool, but if you observe anyone at the pool who you suspect is not a Mallard Bay property owner or their guest, please report the fact to a member of the Board of Directors.

The following rules must be strictly adhered to:

At its deepest, the pool is still very shallow.  Therefore, no diving is allowed.

Stay out of the way of people swimming laps.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times by an adult in the pool area.

Diaper clad infants are not permitted in the pools (including the baby pool) unless wearing special swim diapers and under the immediate supervision of an adult.  Adults responsible for violation of this rule may be responsible for the cost of draining and cleaning the pool, if that is necessary.

No dogs or other pets (except service animals assisting the blind or disabled) are permitted in the pool area or on the deck.

In order to avoid foot injury, no glass is permitted in the pool area.  Food and drink must be in unbreakable containers and kept away from the pool edge, and all refuse must be placed in the trash containers provided.  No smoking is permitted in the pool area (concrete deck).

No furniture, rocks, coins, metal or sharp objects are permitted in the pool.

No running or horseplay is permitted in the pool area.

The  Mallard Bay Board of Directors must be notified immediately of any accident or incident resulting in injury, damage to MBPOA property or soiling of the pool.

Swimmers must dry off before entering the restrooms and mop up after their use.

In the restrooms, do not flush down the toilet anything thicker than toilet paper.  This includes diapers, sanitary napkins or paper towels.