Policies, Forms & Reports

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Mallard Bay Property Owners Association Request Form

In order to insure that all requests and recommendations from the Mallard Bay community receive timely and proper consideration from the Board of Directors, members are requested to use this form on which to write their recommendations.  Completed forms can be given to any member of the Board.

MBPOA Covenants

This is a legally binding document, on file with Northumberland County.  It covers declarations, protective covenants and architectural guidelines and may be amended only upon a majority vote of the general membership.

MBPOA Covenants Attachments

This document consists of Attachments A and B to the MBPOA Covenants. Attachment A specifies controls, restrictions and guidelines for construction on and maintenance of lots in the community. Attachment B is a table listing lots by number including acreage of each lot, type of lot and minimum square footage of houses which may be built on the lot.


This document covers the organization and functioning of the Mallard Bay Property Owners' Association, its Board of Directors and committees.  It may be amended by a majority vote of the general membership.


This document covers day-to-day rules pertaining to Mallard Bay including, but not limited to:  Membership in MBPOA, amenities and common areas, pool, clubhouse, pier and marina, dogs and other pets, motor vehicles and complaint procedures.  The rules may be amended by the MBPOA Board of Directors.  The following wording was approved by the Mallard Bay Board in 2015 to summarize the intent of the MBPOA Rules:

"The use of Mallard Bay amenities and common areas is strictly limited to MBPOA members, their immediate families, and guests accompanied by or visiting in the home of a member or in possession of a guest pass provided by the member.

Other persons using Mallard Bay properties will be considered trespassers and face possible prosecution."

MBPOA Trails Report

Early in 2016, the MBPOA Board of Directors formed a committee to look into the state of repair and possible action to take in maintaining the various hiking trails and their attendant facilities in Mallard Bay.  After meeting with interested members of the community, assessing the physical layout of the trail, and determining costs, the committee came up with a thorough report outlining a variety of options and making suggestions for future action.

General Requirements for Building in Mallard Bay

These requirements have been developed to ensure compliance with the Mallard Bay Covenants.  They are in addition to, and do not replace, county, state and other government requirements.  Please give a copy of them to your contractor before you sign a contract.  The property owner is responsible for any violations of the covenants or these requirements by the contractor.  The Architectural Review Committee may impose penalties for violations of the covenants.

Checklist for Architectural Review Committee

This document outlines step-by-step, the process of gaining Architectural Review Committee approval for a project.

Guidelines for "Clearing" and "Cleaning" Your Lot

This document specifies what type of plant life, its condition and other circumstances under which you may and may not remove from your lot.

Clubhouse Usage Agreement

Use this form to reserve the community clubhouse for a private function.

Boat Slip Request

Use this form to request rental of a boat slip or kayak/canoe rack space at the Mallard Bay community dock.  Click on the title, then fill out the form using your computer keyboard.


Once you've brought up the form on your screen, fill it out from your keyboard, then print it out, sign it and mail it, along with a check for the calculated amount to:  MBPOA, Attn:  Dock Master, PO Box 85, Heathsville, VA  22474-0087.  Once your check and information have been processed, the agreement will be signed and a copy returned to you for your records.

Northumberland County Recycling

Current guidance on recycling in Northumberland County.

Homeowners' Association Packet

When a contract for the sale of a Mallard Bay property is ratified,  it becomes the seller's  responsibility to provide a Homeowners' Association Packet to the purchaser.  To order a Packet, the seller should mail a $50.00 check (made out to MBPOA) with a written request to MBPOA, PO Box 87, Heathsville, VA  22473.  Allow 14 days for preparation.  If you have any questions, you may contact Jeanne Widenmyer - 804-580-5780.

RV Lot Registration


If you have an item or items in the RV lot, you must fill out a registration form for the item(s) and return the form to MBPOA, P.O. Box 87, Heathsville, VA 22473 or email as an attachment to jbwret@yahoo.com.


RV Lot Rules


MBPOA members using the RV lot must abide by these rules.