Speeding Problems in Mallard Bay

A recurring problem stemming, possibly, from an epidemic inability of drivers to remember how actually to read speed limit signs, has, once again, reared its head.  The speed limit in our community is 25 miles per hour, for some, a glacially slow speed, but the law, nonetheless.

Ours is a residential community with no sidewalks and, therefore, our streets aren't exclusively used by cars and trucks.  Golf carts, bicycles, pets, and pedestrians as well all use our streets and depend on car and truck drivers to be particularly cautious.

On the other hand, to be compassionate, we should, of course, realize the importance of exceeding the legal speed limit in boosting self-esteem in childlike adult drivers.  How else can they prove their self-worth?  What other way do they have to demonstrate their "machismo" and indicate to the folks with whom they share the streets, their immature sense of entitlement?

MBPOA members, particularly, are asked to join in counseling their families and guests in acceptable rules of the road for our community.

Posted January 10

Committee Chairs Sought

At the January 4 meeting of the Mallard Bay Board of Directors, President, Marshall Sebra, announced that two MBPOA members are needed to serve respectively as chairperson of the Mallard Bay Facilities Maintenance Committee and another to serve as chairperson of the Mallard Bay Neighborhood Watch.

If you're interested in either position, please contact MBPOA President Marshall Sebra at 804-426-1215.

Posted January 5

Mallard Bay Board of Directors Elects New Officers

On Wednesday, December 29, the Mallard Bay Board of Directors met to elect officers for the new year.  They will be:

President - Marshall Sebra

Vice President - Keith Lilienfeld

Alternate Vice President - Larry Tupper

Secretary - Victoria Coffineau

Treasurer - Jeanne Widenmyer

Also, at the meeting it was decided to move the regular monthly meetings of the Board to the first Tuesday in every month at 6:30 pm in the Mallard Bay clubhouse.

Sincere thanks to those who serve on the Board of Directors and to those who have accepted the officer responsibilities.

Posted December 29

Recommended Yardwork Company

Mo & J’s Yardwork, LLC just finished clearing all the leaves around my home at 650 Canvasback Lane in Mallard Bay.  There were four gentlemen who did a spectacular job – friendly and anxious to please!  The cost was VERY reasonable.  They are out of Lancaster, and are experienced and insured.

 I was SO pleased that I baked them some chocoate chip cookies to enjoy on their way home.

If you know of anyone in Mallard Bay who needs these services, as well as many others they offer,  I recommend highly!  They can also be found on the Web.

 Lynda Browne

Posted December 27

Beautiful Sunrise Photo

Here's a photo I received from Ferrell McLain taken from his home in Williamsburg  this morning (December 17, 2021) and posted on his Facebook account.  One person commented that it looks like strips of bacon. - Scott McGuire

Posted December 17

Mallard Bay Residents Contribute to Repairing the Boat Dock

Around December 10, a Mallard Bay resident called attention the fact that at least one of the wooden planks that make up the walking surface of the Mallard Bay boat pier was rotting and in need of replacement and, in the short term, could use installation of warning cones on the dangerous area of the pier.  Another Mallard Bay resident became aware of the rotting plank report and, on his own volition, placed warning cones around the defective plank to prevent someone stepping on the weakened wood and harming themselves.

He took it upon himself to purchase the needed replacement plank (for which he was reimbursed), remove the damaged one and install the new one.  Shortly thereafter, his wife discovered another plank needing replacement.  He replaced that one as well and specifically requested his name not be mentioned in this article.

This brings up an obvious point.  Throughout its history, Mallard Bay has depended, in some measure, on the inclination of a small, voluntary, unofficial cadré of its members to identify and report a problem, then, on occasion, to take one step more and work on actually repairing the problem, frequently by donating their own labor and expertise to the repair.  If you see something on community property that needs attention, please notify a member of the Mallard Bay Board of Directors, and, if appropriate, do your best to stay involved in solving the problem.

Thanks very much to the Mallard Bay resident who first identified and reported the rotting plank and thanks to the Good Samaritan who repaired it.

Posted December 16