Extra Mile Award


The "Extra Mile" award is presented annually by the Board of Directors to a Mallard Bay property owner who has made an exceptional contribution to the quality of life that makes Mallard Bay the best place to live in the Northern Neck.  Any MBPOA member, other than someone currently sitting on the Board of Directors, is eligible for consideration.  The award, established in 2007, was done so at the suggestion of the then MBPOA President, Barry Kean.  In that first year, in order to compensate for noteworthy contributions since the inception of Mallard Bay, five awards were presented.  Thereafter, one per year has been awarded.

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2021 - Blaine Swank

If trees land on your neighbor’s driveway or garage, Blaine shows up with his tractor and chain saw to move them.  If you need help launching a boat or pulling one out of the water, just ask Blaine.  If planks on the community dock need replacement, he’s there with multiple power tools.  If you need help moving your cannon to the clubhouse, he’s there with a trailer.

If the fencing company can’t get the gate latch fixed for the dog park, Blaine designs and welds one that will work.  If you want to install a tetherball, Blaine digs the hole and sets the pole perfectly upright.  If a wooden grate over one of the drains that allows circulation of water to our lakes and ponds rots away, Blaine designs, constructs and installs a safer metal replacement. 

If you need a large trailer to haul to the dump all the tree parts that fell during an ice storm, Blaine is the fellow to call.  And, if you need 10 years of overgrowth and old machinery hauled out of the RV lot, Blaine is the man to call and afterwards, he mows the grass and makes the RV lot look more like a well-manicured golf course.




2020 - Bob Mitchell

Bob is truly a gift to our community, willingly taking on a wide variety of responsibilities. As Chair of the Social Committee, he and his wife Winky have, sometimes single-handedly, planned, purchased food, arranged entertainment, set up, prepared food and cleaned up after several social events.  The COVID pandemic’s changing rules regarding social gatherings in Virginia made the job all the more challenging, but Bob and Winky kept up with the requirements and managed social events that were enjoyed and appreciated by our community.  Also, Bob has frequently arranged to collect and distribute donations to several local charities.  

Outside the social area, Bob helped see to it that fresh water pumps feeding our lakes and ponds were kept in working order.  He has been predictably available on short notice for just about any chore that can be imagined.  A  man of many talents, for instance, he developed a solution to improve lighting in the clubhouse parking lot by purchasing relatively inexpensive stand-alone solar powered lights that turn on automatically when motion is detected.  Bob went on to climb a ladder and install the lights himself.  As a result, dark areas were lit without the need of expensive wiring to remote areas of the lot.

 Others in our county have benefited from Bob’s commitment to community service.  A member of the Board of Directors of the Northumberland County Little League writes:  “Bob has selflessly volunteered his time at the Northumberland County Little League since the day he moved to town.  His dedication to the children of our Little League program as an umpire is greatly appreciated.  It is an often thankless job, but one that must be filled in order for the children to play the game they love so much.”




2019 - Jim Hanline

Immediately after arriving in Mallard Bay in 2010, Jim took an active interest in community affairs.  He began by attending meetings of the Board of Directors, at the time, a rarely seen event.  In 2011, he became a member of the Board where he served until 2018.  For four of those years he served as President and for three he was Facilities Maintenance Committee Chair.  In fact, his continual service on the Board made him ineligible to receive this award until this year.  Although no longer a Board member, Jim continues to attend and participate in Board meetings and this year, alone, has been a driving force in projects to design and expand the clubhouse parking area, replace a deteriorating water screen in Highland Pond, provide intelligence reporting and photos of repair progress on roads damaged by Hurricane Michael, replace a hatch to a water pump for Flyway Lake and expand one of the community’s kayak racks.

 A partial list of other projects Jim has either supervised or provided labor for include:  the rebuilding of the community boat dock and launch ramp, repair of plumbing at the boat dock, construction of a new canoe/kayak rack, supervision of projects that allow the community to turn over maintenance responsibility of remaining Mallard Bay streets to the State, and identification of ownership of abandoned items at the R/V lot.  There are very few projects in the last nine years that didn’t include Jim’s involvement.

 Jim Hanline has gone several “extra miles” for our community and his contributions are greatly appreciated.  Pennsylvania’s gain is our loss.


2018 - Paul Malloy

Whenever volunteers are sought to lend a hand with projects involving Mallard Bay's maintenance or improvements, Paul is at the top of the list of those called. An enthusiastic self starter, he, with no fanfare, volunteers whenever the call goes out. A natural self-starter, Paul typically "takes the bull by the horns" and sets out to accomplish the task at hand plus any additional problems he might discover along the way. He's equally comfortable helping repair a piece of equipment, assisting with landscaping, or providing expert advice. Paul, along with another unpaid volunteer, has been instrumental in maintenance of our swimming pool. His experience has made him invaluable in insuring that our pool is kept clean from debris on the bottom as well as bacteria in the water. When the pool was not maintaining its necessary delicate chemical balance, Paul's input led to success in getting it under control.

Paul's quiet and effective contributions to our community have truly made him a valuable asset who has, indeed, gone the "extra mile".


2017 - Ted Hobson

Routinely, Ted is depended upon to volunteer his time for the good of Mallard Bay.  Not only does this result in community betterment, it also allows him to learn the functioning of complex machinery and systems that, one day, might need back-up expertise.  For example, he specifically asked to be included in recent maintenance of the clubhouse wheelchair lift and wanted to be included in the intricacies of properly shutting down the fresh water supply to the community dock prior to winter. As Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee, Ted knows the job can bring grief along with it.  He enforces Mallard Bay covenants for the good of all property owners and in so doing, often has to turn down or amend requests for changes to private property.  This, he invariably does with compassion and understanding.  Finally, Ted takes immediate action when noticing something wrong as evidenced when he was first with a chainsaw on the scene of a tree blocking access to the clubhouse.  The community, understandably, relies on Ted to go the “extra mile” for Mallard Bay.


2016 - Ron Horton

Ron Horton began our Neighborhood Watch Program when he served on the Mallard Bay Board of Directors, and he continues to organize, manage and coordinate it.  He welcomes new neighbors and helps no-longer-new neighbors with many troublesome problems.  He regularly checks and adjusts mooring lines on boats at the marina.  He saved one boat from sinking when its bilge pump failed.  He has repeatedly and single-handedly repaired the old crabbing pier and the stop sign at the exit from Mallard Bay.  He sprayed the weeds on the tennis courts and has cleared many driveways of snow.  Ron is continuously active clearing, fixing, or improving things but never with any fanfare or recognition. He is a true extra miler!


2015 - Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks' expertise in utilities management has been a major benefit to Mallard Bay.  Over the years, he has counseled the Owners Association in environmental matters, monitored the quality of the Great Wicomico River water, chaired the committee for a new pier, and held a seminar on new environmental regulations.  In 2012, and again in 2014-15, Mr. Brooks actively opposed proposed increases in water rates, attended a public hearing at the State corporation Commission, made phone calls and visits to members of the State Legislature and the County government and participated in a lawsuit filed on behalf of five Virginia counties.  Mr. Brooks' leadership not only saved us from some of the proposed increases in water rates but has also polished the image of Mallard Bay in the eyes of the County and State Governments.


2014 - Dolf Wais

While serving as Property Manager for the community, Dolf went far beyond the expectations of the job by donating countless hours tending to maintenance issues ranging from keeping the swimming pool clean and warm to repairing the boat dock, from trimming trees along the roadside to notifying property owners of the status of their possessions in times of weather emergencies.

Since leaving the Property Manager position, Dolf has remained an active volunteer pitching in wherever needed. Dolf's knowledge of the community's vulnerabilities, his encyclopedic understanding of the procedures of proper maintenance and repair and his willingness to donate his time and expertise have made him a highly valued neighbor and friend.


2013 - Jane Locke

Jane was on the Board of Directors for six years, during most of which she served as secretary. She was on the Social Committee for 3 years and is always willing to volunteer. She is always doing the extra jobs that nobody does like washing the windows at the clubhouse, helping Dolf clean the pool chairs and weeding around the clubhouse.  Jane is the consummate volunteer.

Jane has dedicated much time and service to Mallard Bay. She is a very dependable and organized person. She is always there with a smile to lend a helping hand. Jane is a valuable asset to Mallard Bay and we are very appreciative of her contributions to make Mallard Bay a better place.


2012 - Scott McGuire

Scott is best known and appreciated as the Mallard Bay Web Master, where his extraordinary wit, writing skills and solid understanding of the community is always on display.  He served on the Board of Directors in 2007-8 and was Vice President for 2009-10.

That would have been enough for most people, but Scott was just warming up.  He is a perennial volunteer - hardly a project escapes his special touch.  He has donned scuba gear to work on the pool, cleaned the outdoor furniture, helped with closing and opening the pool, and has maintained the pool in the absence of the Property Manager.

He was the co-founder of the Mallard Bay Severe Weather Action Plan and is a mainstay in the association's security and emergency planning efforts.

There is a party side to Scott, manifest in his roles in the Wild West Casino Night and playing guitar and singing for the March Cocktail party.  We are thankful he is one of us.


2011 - Bill Bracker

Bill learned carpentry growing up in his father's boat yard on City Island. At Mallard Bay he has long been the carpenter of choice for difficult jobs, known for precision seen only on expensive yachts, even on doors and wheelchair ramps. He not only teaches and helps, but he loans tools.

Bill has freely contributed his leadership and skills on numerous projects which are usually important to the community due to the considerable cost savings. Bill has also been generous with his time and talents teaching sailing and boating skills.

Finally, the Bracker's sailboat has introduced many in Mallard Bay to the art and science of sailing and enjoying adventure on the water. The best kind of neighbor to have.


2010 - Marianne Stackpole

Marianne Stackpole has maintained the property owners' data base since 1997, working with the current Treasurer and other officers each year.  While President of the Association in 1998, she attended several conferences on managing POA's in Virginia.  This education led her to a realization that Mallard Bay documentation and procedures needed serious corrections.

She then spearheaded several initiatives, instituting budgeting to include planned amounts for capital reserves, working with a lawyer and the board to rewrite the covenants and bylaws to make us compatible with Virginia law, changing references to the original developer and making other changes needed for the community. The changes were all adopted at the next annual meeting.

In subsequent years she continued to support the Association in various ways, including working on methods to enforce the covenants.  Mrs. Stackpole is one of those reliable pillars of the Mallard Bay structure that quietly keep the essential services running even years after their visible contributions, and is still going that extra mile today.


2009 - Joan Gillions

Joan Gillions served as MBPOA Treasurer from 1999 to 2001.  Building on the legacy of Bill Land's service in that office, she was responsible for bringing the Mallard Bay books back to the Board from a commercial bookkeeping service, saving substantial expense.  She set up the Association's books so we could do our own bookkeeping, and implemented a way to collect unpaid dues with a collection agency, who in turn found lot owners we did not have addresses for.

She also instituted filing of liens against delinquent lot owners.  In addition, Joan was responsible for the landscape design for the front entrance and for getting it planted. She also organized planting in front of the water tanks and around the pump station on Canvansback Lane.

Joan has contributed an exceptional amount of work to the community, making her a deserving recipient of the Extra Mile award.  


2008 - Carol Bracker

Carol Bracker served on the MBPOA Board of Directors as Secretary in 2003-2004 and President in 2005-2006.  Her administration saw the initiation of several major initiatives, including marina expansion and construction of the new crabbing, canoe and kayak pier, clearing and improvement of the Spring Valley trail, and heating the community pool.  Her active, hands on management was vital in keeping the Board aware and involved in community issues and set the tone for subsequent MBPOA actions.

Since leaving the Board at the end of 2006, Carol has served on the Nominating Committee and the Social Committee.  Among her other accomplishments is initiation of the very popular Dine-In Club.

Carol's many contributions to our community have been instrumental in making it the best place to live in the Northern Neck.


2007 - Harold Baldwin

Harold Baldwin has served on the Architectural Review Committee almost continuously since the early 1990s, including many years as its chairman.  After a brief sabbatical, he is again chairing the ARC.  As a talented architect and long-time Mallard Bay resident, Harold is uniquely qualified to balance the interests of property owners against community standards and the preservation of our natural surroundings.

He is largely - some would say single handedly - responsible for the architectural integrity of Mallard Bay.


2007 - Sylvia Baldwin

For a decade and a half, Sylvia Baldwin almost single handedly guided Mallard Bay 's social activities - she was a Social Committee of one.  In addition, from Mallard Bay's early days, she has welcomed new residents, provided them with information about Mallard Bay, and made them feel a part of the community.

Many would say that Sylvia is a big part of the reason they feel at home in Mallard Bay.


2007 - Herb Fowler

A long-time resident of Mallard Bay, Herb served on the Board of Directors and for many years as the community's Property Manager, where his skill and diligence established the high standards that continue today.  His readiness to respond in emergencies is legendary, and he is always there to provide assistance when needed.  Herb's contributions have been instrumental in making Mallard Bay the pleasant, well-run community it is today.


2007 - Steve Jones

A true Mallard Bay pioneer, Steve and his family were here from the beginning.  Steve's contributions to the community are too numerous to catalog.

From providing snow removal for Mallard Bay's roads before they were taken over by the State, to service on the Board of Directors, to providing efficient and economical mowing and landscaping services for the common areas, Steve is one of the essential people who make Mallard Bay work.




2007 - Bill Land

Mallard Bay's first, and for many years only Treasurer, Bill Land was responsible for putting in place the systems that have placed and kept Mallard Bay on a sound financial footing.

The community continues to benefit from his establishment of a workable budgeting process that accurately projects community needs and their costs.

His legacy of fiscal responsibility is the foundation stone of Mallard Bay 's place among the best managed Property Owners Associations in Virginia.