Dine-In Group


The Mallard Bay Dine-In Group is an interest group that is open to all Mallard Bay property owners.

The Dine In Group's goal is to facilitate knowing your neighbors better through enjoying a pleasant evening dining in your and your neighborís homes and with group functions at the clubhouse.Coffee and tea will be provided. If you choose, please bring another beverage of choice, along with an appetizer to share.

The schedule for 2019-2020 is:

October 12th: The initial meeting at the clubhouse

November 9th: Dine In at a Memberís home

December 14th:  Christmas Party at the Clubhouse, with a Dirty Santa Present Exchange (If you want to REALLY know your neighbors-watch this one!)

January 11th: Dine In at a host's home

February 15th: Dine In at a host's home

March 14th: Menís Brunch- A wonderful brunch where the ladies just enjoy! Dale Hendersonís Bloody Maryís and Mimosaís are fantastic!! Not to mention fresh fruit salad, French toast, Breakfast casseroles and parfaits.

April 11th: Dine In at host's home

May 9th: Picnic for group at Mallard Bay Clubhouse.

Dine-In is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors better and have a wonderful evening of food food and fellowship.  If you have any questions, please call me.

Carol Bracker - 804-580-9095