September 4, 2021 - Labor Day Picnic



What with the high heats of this summer, finally, we had a very pleasant day with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-70s. The weather was so beautiful that the 45 or so attendees to the Labor Day LUAU moved furniture out to the clubhouse deck in order to enjoy the the light breeze and avoid the obligation to wear masks indoors. Social Committee chair Bob Mitchell writes:

"We had 45 in attendance. Special thanks go out to Karen and Gary Johnson, Bill Schrier and Sharon Lommel who helped Winky and me set up. Also the extra decorations brought by Karen and Gary to make the clubhouse look great. And a big thank you to Winky for the delicious BBQ she made. Also all who helped clean up and put the tables and chairs away. And thank Brant Hays for the blessing he wrote."

Thanks, also to the attendees who brought side dishes to share and who contributed to the donation basket to help keep events such as this one coming. As a side note, the barbequed chicken was Delicious!

Photos by Paul Malloy

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