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Safety & Security

The following is a list and short description of articles and other items dealing with a variety of safety and security related topics.  Please click on your category of choice, then click on the title of the document you'd like to read for the full text. 

     Severe Weather    Cell Phone    Crime    Critters    Utilities    Medical   Traffic   Personal Information

Severe Weather

Mallard Bay Severe Weather Action Plan

A Severe Weather Action Plan  will be put into use at the first indication that the area is about to experience a weather emergency.  Print a copy of the plan and keep it readily available.

Specific Guidance for Mallard Bay Property Owners

Steps to take if local authorities order evacuation. 

Hurricane Irene After Action Report

On August 27 and 28, 2011, Hurricane Irene came north along the coast of Virginia and had a substantial effect on Mallard Bay.  Sam McKinney, a disaster preparedness professional was a key player in preparing the community for the storm.  This is his after action report along with recommendations for meeting future such emergencies..

Useful Resources

Links that can be of value prior to a weather emergency.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management website.  Includes information on preparing a Disaster Supply Kit, a checklist of things to consider in an emergency, and a Hurricane Evacuation Guide.

Guidance on preparing your own Emergency Kit published by the United Services Automobile Association.


Cell Phone

"ICE" Your Cell Phone

Insure emergency response personnel know who to call if you're incapacitated.  This guidance has been around for awhile, but it's still valid.


Summertime Security Tips for Mallard Bay Residents

Mallard Bay Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Allen Garland details things you can do to keep your home secure.

Personal Property Identification Record

Helps you keep serial numbers and descriptions of valuable items handy in case they are stolen.

Recognizing Suspicious Activity

Gives examples of what activities to consider suspicious.

Target Hardening Flipbook

A quick reference tool to making your home more secure.

Vacation Checklist

Items you should consider before going on vacation.

When to Call 911

When you call police, what things constitute an emergency?

Residential Security

A more in-depth discussion of what you can do to make your residence uninviting to burglars.

Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You

House break-ins from the burglar's perspective.

Things a Thief Can Learn From Your Portable GPS and Cell Phone

Your portable GPS and mobile phone contain much information valuable to a thief in gaining access to your house or bank account.

New Carjacking Technique

Here's a clever way of stealing not only your car, but your cash, credit cards and identification as well.




Get rid of ticks with Permethrin insect spary, toilet paper rolls and dryer lint.


Coyotes are on the prowl.


Bacteria in bay and river water that can kill you if it gets into your blood stream.

Copperhead Snakes

You learned about them in Boy and Girl Scouts.  Now look for them at Mallard Bay.

Brown Recluse Spider

In December 2011, Gary and Karen Garret discovered what they have identified as a Brown Recluse Spider in their home.


Sodium in Northern Neck Water

How our drinking water stacks up.


Guidance on electricity use from from Northern Neck Electric Cooperative.


How to Survive a Heart Attack When You're Alone

Many people know how to administer CPR or (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) on another person, but are not taught to do it to themselves when no help is available.  Wyn Marshall submitted this article with a procedure that has, in the past, shown itself to be of use under those dire circumstances.  The article is followed by a commentary that includes the opinion that more study is needed before recommending this technique to the general public.  Thanks, Wyn, for the submission.


Stop Signs

For the safety of all, traffic signs in Mallard Bay should be taken seriously..

Golf Carts

If you plan to operate a golf cart in Mallard Bay, here are rules that apply.

Personal Information

Warning - Please Do Not Give Out Specifics - January 3, 2018

Todd Jones has advised "Due to several high profile drug cases coming up in Northumberland Court, if a stranger stops and asks you where does Todd Jones live, please do not tell them. Steve Jones was stopped on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 by a small blue car (male/female). They asked for Todd Jones' address. This isn't to alarm anyone, just don't want my address given out if you are confronted. Thank You!"

We have law enforcement officers living in our community and we should all be alert to suspicious questions as outlined above. If you are confronted by anyone you don't know who asks for information about any of our neighbors, particularly law enforcement officers, please decline to answer the question. Instead, ask the person for their name and phone number and promise to give that information to the person about whom they're asking. If the requesters are legitimate, they should be happy to do so. If possible, take note of their license plate number and physical description, then pass the information on to the Mallard Bay resident whose information was sought.