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If you're impressed or unimpressed with a local merchant or service, post your comments here by sending an e-mail to scottymac1@aol.com.  Include your name, address, and lot number along with the wording of what you'd like to have appear on the website.  Photographs are encouraged in .jpg format.






NNK Softwash

Rick washed my house, my decks and my sidewalk ... and I couldn't be happier.  My house looks brand-new.  He was efficient, pleasant and INEXPENSIVE!!!

The following is an update on prices as of February 4, 2019:

Single story house - $200

2-story house - $300

Roofs - start from $300 and go up depending on pitch, how dirty, if home has dormers, and if home is 1 or 2 story.  This prolongs the life of shingles and only needs to be done once every five or six years.

Deck staining - price based on square footage.

Single story gutter clean - $125

Two story gutter clean - $225

Call Rick Rose - 804-450-3303 - Jeanne Widenmyer - 16 June 2018

I'd like to support Jeanne's opinion.  Based on her review, I emailed Rick who answered me by phone promptly.  We agreed on a date and time for him to clean the outside of my house.  On the appointed day, Rick called again to ask if it was OK if he arrived earlier than we had agreed upon.  That was fine with me.  He finished the job in and hour and a half and the results were spectacular.  I highly recommend him. - Scott McGuire - 4 July 2018

Stokes Propane Service

I'd like to acknowledge a good company for gas fireplace repair/service.  My pilot light kept going out, and other propane gas company attempted to fix it - but it would not stay lit.  I called Stokes Propane Service (corner of Brown Store Road and Rt. 202) and I was VERY pleased with their service.  Only down side: they do NOT refill large propane tanks - just the small ones. They can be reached at 804-580-4044. - Lynda Browne - 3 Nov 2017 

Jim Robinson's Lawn Service

Several Mallard Bay residents hired Mr. Jim Robinson to help them clean up in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  Earlier this year, the MBPOA contracted with him clean up the RV lot.  Reportedly, Mr. Robinson did very good work at reasonable prices.  This review does not, however, address the quality or value of Mr. Robinson's work, but rather, his integrity.

Because of the laudatory reports I'd heard regarding Mr. Robinson's services, I asked him to assess what I perceived as a danger to my house from an oak tree which I thought was in a position to fall and damage my roof.  I was concerned, however, that anyone who makes his living removing trees would not give me an unbiased assessment.  I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Robinson concluded that the tree appears to be healthy and capable of withstanding the high winds we occasionally experience here.  He did not recommend the tree be removed.

I was impressed.  Based on the honesty he demonstrated, Mr. Robinson will certainly get my business next time I need tree or brush removal.  Mr. Robinson can be contacted at 804-580-3013.  His address is 7891 Northumberland Highway, Heathsville, VA 22473. - Scott McGuire - 21 Jul 2012

Northern Neck Computer Solutions

My computer had a virus - a big virus - it wouldn't even let me go to the Internet.  Dolf was going to drive around the streets of Kilmarnock and try to find yet again another computer specialist to fix my problem.  The problem is, we had experience with those "specialists" and usually they kept our computers for 3-5 weeks and invariably returned them with only part of the problem solved, but rearranged our desktop to their liking, which definitely wasn't ours.

Jane Locke told me about Chris Timberlake at Northern Neck Computer Solutions, LLC. I called Chris around 10:30 a.m., Dolf dropped off the computer around noon to him, and by 6:30 p.m. that same day he called to tell me he had fixed the computer, found 3 kinds of viruses, made me a backup disc, updated my virus protection and windows.  You heard me right - same day, a couple of hours.  At 8:30 the next morning I was picking up my computer, Chris made sure my Internet worked, showed me it all, and I was headed home with my computer that was working once again like new. I am planning on getting my computer inspected every year now, just like my car, and avoid the hassle because I know and trust Chris to do it right!

Please call him or email for your computer needs. You won't regret it!  His cell phone is 804-339-0175 and his email address is CHRIS@NNCOMPUTERSOLUTIONS.COM - Dottie Wais - 5 Oct 2010

Party Assistance

Carol Bracker and Julaine Cleland each hosted parties in the clubhouse recently and hired two ladies to assist.  Julaine provides the following assessment:

"Both Carol Bracker and I highly recommend the ladies who helped out at our recent parties.  They are Latonya Henry and her mother, Annette.  I paid them $10/hour each and tipped them for an extra hour.  They arrived when they said they would, worked steadily all evening, were cheerful and pleasant, and left the kitchen clean.  You couldn't ask for much more.  Latonya's phone number is 804-724-3044." - Julaine Cleland - 14 Jun 2009


Massaro Brothers Seamless Gutters

Massaro Brothers Seamless Gutters just finished installing new gutters on the back of my home.  They were terrific!  The owner, Matt Massaro, accompanied the workers and everyone worked well together - very organized.  Matt did most to the removing of the old gutters, and installation of the the new gutters and new, larger, downspouts.  His employees were very pleasant and respectful.

Highly recommend!  Telephone:  804-480-0155 - Lynda Browne -  2 Oct 2018

Fireplace Innovations

We had an indoor gas fireplace installed with rock surrounding it by Fireplace Innovations in Mechanicsville. Mike Snow and his team did a wonderful job, making sure all specifications were to our liking before the concrete set. We highly recommend this company if you want to install any kind of fireplace. They do it from start to finish unlike other places that will not and then you have to find a contractor to do the finish work. Feel free to call us for a reference or to see ours if you are considering one yourself. Fireplace Innovations is located on Route 360, 5512 Mechanicsville Turnpike, 804-427-3473. - Dottie & Dolf Wais - 18 May 2013

Drew Gliebe, House Painter

Last fall we had our house painted and stained by Drew Gliebe and it was wonderful.  Not only was he the most reasonable bid out of 3, but he agreed to use Sherwin Williams paint because that was our preference.  Our house was difficult because it is all log, and had a lot of mold on the outside.  He power washed, also scrubbed it with a brush to get it clean by hand.  We wanted the house stained instead of painted to continue to show the wood grain that is there.  He put the stain on with a spray, and before it dried went over each inch with a brush to make sure the stain was in all those cracks that are indicative of log homes.  The deck and windows were painted.

Drew consulted with us each day.  He and his helper arrived on time each morning (even though he lives in Newport News), and best of all there was no music, he said he prefers to fit in with the neighborhood and as such just listened to the birds.  Everything was cleaned up at the end of each day.  It was such a pleasure.  We will certainly have him back as needed to keep the decks up to date with staining, etc.

Please call Drew, feel free to tell him Dottie & Dolf recommended him (no, we don't get a kickback).  His business is: Andrew J. Gliebe Painting "The Green Painter", 804-832-1004 and email is ajgliebe@cox.net. - Dottie Wais - 23 Aug 2010

Henderson Stone Works

My husband, Ray, and I have been building a house (lot 30) and have had good and bad services.  I would like to endorse several companies we have used in case anyone else is looking for good and reasonable work.

First is Henderson stone works whom I heartily recommend.  The work was excellent.  Mr. Henderson was reliable, reasonable and flexible.  The phone is 580-1780. -  Ann Reinicke - 8 Nov 2008

Electrical Service, Inc. (ESI)

The owner, Kurt Jimmo, has bent over backwards when needed to help us get temporary power, and get several outlets live before our inspection.  He had the flexibility to come when needed.  All his supplies are top of the line and he was very pleasant to work with.  His price was much better than many bids we received.  He was always very prompt to return our calls if we had any questions or needed him for anything.  His office phone is 758-5999. - Ann Reinicke - 8 Nov 2008

Joe Hayden, Plumbing

For plumbing services we would recommend Joe Hayden.  Yes, that's right, our own "Joe the Plumber"!  He came in after our first plumber had to quit for personal reasons, when many others just came and said they wouldn't touch the job after someone else had started.  He gave us a very reasonable price and has been very diligent in getting the job done.  He works for another company during the day, so he does jobs after hours and weekends.  He accomplished more in three weekends than the previous plumber did in three months.  He is very reliable and his work is excellent.  His phone is 529-7538.  - Ann Reinicke - 8 Nov 2008

Reyes Insulation and Drywall

I am very pleased with the service we received from this company.  Mr. Reyes has been very prompt and reliable.  His prices were very reasonable.  His workers were pleasant and even cleaned up after they were finished.  They came in and did our whole house in one day and you didn't even know they were there until you saw the job had been completed.  His phone number is 271-1247. - Ann Reinicke - 8 Nov 20 08

Based on a 2008 review of Reyes Insulation and Drywall, we contracted with Mr. Reyes to do our upstairs consisting of 2 bedrooms, media room and bathroom. Mr. Reyes started on time and finished on time and the workmanship was professional. He was courteous as was his workman. He removed all debris. We would recommend him to anyone. -  Linda Hobson - 3 Apr 2010

Rock's Marine Construction  and Moore Marine Consulting, Inc.

We recently had a dock built on our property by Rock's Marine Construction and are very pleased with the results.  This is the same company that built the new Mallard Bay crabbing pier and came highly recommended.  When first I contacted them concerning the planned job, they referred me to Mr. Nathan Moore of Moore Marine Consulting, Inc., who designed the pier and shepherded the paperwork for approval of the project  through the county.  The procedure took about a month, but immediately after it was completed, Rock's Construction started work and finished in less than a week.  We couldn't be happier with the results.  It was quality work at a fair price. - Scott McGuire - 27 Oct 2008


Unique Experience Eatery

There is a new restaurant in Heathsville. It is called the "Unique Experience Eatery" and is definitely worth a try.

To get there, if you're leaving Heathsville on route 360 driving toward Burgess, look for the driveway to the Rescue Squad on the right, then the Bon Secours Heathsville Family Practice, then, immediately thereafter, on the right, the entry drive to the restaurant.

They have a full menu - sandwiches and dinners. (The Steak & Cheese Sub was delicious!) They are open Wednesday thru Sunday, 11:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. We need to patronize it so it won't go away like so many restaurants have in that location in the past. TRY IT!! Unique Experience Eatery 8200 Northumberland Highway Heathsville, VA 22473 804-761-8605 - Herta Wigginton - 17 July 2020


The Cook's Kitchen

Bill and I have had several lunches at The Cook's Kitchen Restaurant in Kilmarnock and each has been wonderful.  Roxanne Norris and Susan Malloy were the first people to mention the restaurant, and say how much they really enjoyed their meals.  Their cheeseburger with sauteed onions is the best one I have had-period!  Bill has really enjoyed their Ruben. They have a varied menu, with an emphasis on home cooking.

The restaurant is located in the corner of the shopping center with Peebles and is closed on Tuesdays. Other days they are open for breakfast 7-11 (weekends 8-11) Lunch 11a.m.-3 p.m., Dinner M-F( except for Tuesdays)-5-9..P.M. Sundays 12 A.M. -5 P.M. - Carol Bracker -  12 Jan 2018