October 17, 2020 - Annual Meeting


Saturday, October 17, 2020 was a beautiful Fall day when 35 or so residents of Mallard Bay gathered together in the clubhouse for the Annual Meeting of the MBPOA membership.  Although the attendance was smaller than usual for the annual meeting, due to concern over the COVID virus, more folks than expected were there.  As a special surprise this year, refreshments consisted of bratwurst, homemade potato salad and soft drinks.  Many thanks go to Mary Yordy, Linda Hobson and Mary McGuire for organizing the special food.

Two new members were added to the Mallard Bay Board of Directors, John Miller and Keith Lilienfeld. and Bob Mitchell received the "Extra Mile" for outstanding service in the community throughout the years.award was presented to Bob Mitchell.

To top it off, donations bound for the "Gleamers and Blenders Food Pantry" were collected in the form of cash and groceries.  Many thanks to Linda Hobson and Bob Mitchell who organized the donations and to all who donated.

Photos by Paul Malloy

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