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Hamburgers and Toilet Paper

Northern Neck Burger Restaurants in Kilmarnock and Tappahannock have come up with a unique solution to attracting take-out customers - Every order comes with a bottle of hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper as long as supplies last.  The announcement below appeared in the Rappahannock Record of April 2.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office to Provide Medications Delivery

Our neighbor, Allen Garland, has provided the following item.  Thanks, Allen.

"The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office will be implementing a program to assist at-risk populations ages 60+ as part of our COVID-19 response. The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office will pick-up and deliver medications and essential items from 3 participating pharmacies:

Northumberland Pharmacy Heathsville (580-4940)

Main Street Pharmacy Kilmarnock (435-8818)

Walmart Pharmacy Kilmarnock (435-6317)

Please Note** Walgreens and CVS are unable to participate due to their policy.

This service is available to citizens over age 60 and those with disabilities/serious underlying health conditions who reside in Northumberland County.  Be advised that all items must be paid for either online or by phone prior to being picked-up and delivered.  Medications containing controlled substances (pain medications, Adderall etc.) are not eligible for this service.

When you speak to the Pharmacy to pay, remember to advise them that a member of the Sheriff’s Office will be picking up your order.

Please contact our office at 804-580-5221 and let us know that you would like to have a prescription delivered. Be ready to give the dispatcher your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and at which pharmacy your prescription is located.

Pickups will be made once a day at noon. Monday-Saturday."

posted April 2

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Issues Executive Order 55 (2020)

On March 30, 2020, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued Executive Order 55  concerning Virginia residents' mandatory response to the Coronavirus.  This order expands on Executive Order 53.  The new order directed all individuals in Virginia to remain at home with exceptions.  The order remains in effect from March 30, 2020 until June 10, 2020.  All Mallard Bay residents are encouraged to read both executive orders carefully.

Click here for a copy of Executive Order 55

Click here for a copy of Executive Order 53

posted March 30

MBPOA Receives Thank-You Letter from NAPS

Last February 29, the Mallard Bay Property Association held a "Cocktails on the Rivah" function at where were solicited donations to the Northumberland Association of Progressive Stewardship (NAPS).  $550 was collected and Social Committee Chair Bob Mitchell advises he received a "thank-you" letter for the donation.  The following is the text of the letter.

March 23, 2020

Dear Bob and the wonderful residents of Mallard Bay,

Thank you and your community for the generous donations to NAPS totaling $550.  We look forward to putting it to good use.

It was great to meet you, Scott and the POA members last year.  NAPS owes a debt of gratitude to the community for providing the perfect venue for our creek cleanup.  The next time we cover the Upper Wicomico, Mallard Bay will be the first on our list.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or ideas - or just want to ay "Hi".

Sincererly Yours,

Mike Ahart, president

NAPS - Northumberland Association for Progressive Stewardship




posted March 28

Heathsville Farmers' Market Schedule

As in previous years, the Heathsville Farmers' Market is scheduled to take place on the third Saturday of each month from April through October from 9:00 am through 1:00 pm behind Historic Rice's Hotel/Hughlett's Tavern.  The following is the original schedule for 2020.

April 18

May 16

June 20

July 18

August 15

September 19

October 17

Please note that the previously scheduled April 18 Farmers' Market was cancelled due to Corona Virus quarantine restrictions.

posted March 28

Dining Suggestion for Quarantine

Eating out during this time of quarantine and social distancing isn't as difficult as you might imagine.  Several restaurants in our area are open for business for carry-out and at least one has unique outdoor dining facilities.  On March 27, a Mallard Bay family had a delightful meal at Cockrell's Creek Seafood and Deli at 567 Seaboard Drive, about halfway between Reedville and Fleeton.  The restaurant, which serves lunch only, opened for the season on March 26 and comes up some of the most delicious fish, crabs and shrimp you can imagine as well as crunchy fried onion rings and a variety of salads.  The place was mentioned in Coastal Living as one of the ten best crab shacks on the Chesapeake Bay.

Because of current restrictions on people eating in restaurants, customers enter the building, order and pay for their food, then, if they're planning to eat on the premises, move outside to one of seven picnic tables positioned to take maximum advantage of beautiful views of Cockrell's Creek, and, in the background, a gorgeous panorama of greater downtown metropolitan Reedville.  After a short wait, the food order is brought to customers' tables.  The view looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, the food even better and because of the spacing of the picnic tables, social distancing rules are not broken.  It sure beats trying to avoid spilling tartar sauce on the floor of the car.

(Directions:  From Burgess, take US 360, Northumberland Highway to Reedville. At the intersection with Reedville's Main Street, continue straight ahead 1.4 miles, then turn right on Seaboard Drive and follow it half a mile to the restaurant on the water.)

posted March 27

Callao Supermarket is Closed Permanently

While making daily rounds in search of elusive toilet paper, I discovered on March 26 that the Callao Supermarket is scheduled to close for good on or about March 28.  The lady behind the counter said the closure has nothing to do with the Corona virus, but did not elaborate.

Coincidentally, an article about the closing appeared on page A16 of the March 26 issue of the Rappahannock Record which quotes Mr. Chris Burgess, store manager and co-owner who said:  "We're dying a death of a thousand nicks."  According to the article, "He pointed to increased competition in the area, problems obtaining necessary supplies from grocery distributors, and the additional cost vendors pass on to the store for transporting products to rural locations like Callao as reasons why the store is closing." - Scott McGuire

posted March 26

Clubhouse Gets WiFi

On March 25, Atlantic Broadband completed installation of a WiFi router in the Mallard Bay clubhouse.  The equipment and accompanying monthly service fee were purchased by the Board of Directors in order to facilitate operation of a planned system that will provide security monitoring of the clubhouse/pool/dock area.

An extra added benefit will be that, MBPOA members will now be able to access the internet on their smart phones, laptop computers and tablets while in the clubhouse area.  The signal from the equipment is strong in the clubhouse itself as well as throughout the Mallard Bay Clubhouse parking area, the entirety of the clubhouse deck and swimming pool areas.

In order to use the new capability, you must know the password for the system, available exclusively to MBPOA members from me.  I can be contacted by email at scottymac1@aol.com or by phone at 703-298-1192. - Scott McGuire

posted March 25

Clubhouse Deck Construction Update

The deck is coming along well.  I'm happy to report no major structural issues have been found. There was, however, a 3.5 inch difference in the height of the deck from front to back. It's been straightened up and secured.  All is going well.

Please remember, for your safety, not to enter the construction side beyond the gate to the swimming pool. - Marshall A. Sebra, Chairman, Mallard Bay Maintenance Committee


Click here for an updated chronological photographic view of deck construction progress.

posted March 19

Corona Virus - Glad You Asked

Just last night I asked Mary if she knew the symptoms of the Corona virus inasmuch as, although the TV news is filled with references to the word "symptoms", very little specificity is offered.  Thanks to Debbie Evans we now have the accompanying chart from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control that not only lists Corona virus symptoms, but compares them to cold and flu symptoms.

Debbie also suggests you click here for the Virginia Department of Health website.  It's very informative and, at the bottom of the page, includes updated information on numbers of Corona virus cases in the state organized by county.

Thanks very much, Debbie. - Scott McGuire

posted March 15

New Soccer Net

The Mallard Bay soccer net next to the dog park at the intersection of  Canvasback and Pintail had begun to sag so much it looked like the overloaded back of a seriously abused pack animal belonging to an old prospector who had spent his final days trudging around Arizona's Superstition Mountain looking for the Lost Dutchman gold mine.  It was a sorry sight.

A few months ago, the Mallard Bay Board of Directors purchased a new net and gave it to Allen Garland to install when Spring rolled around.  In the first few weeks of March, Allen, like many of us, apparently concluded that a quick look at the thermometer and local vegetation indicated that Spring had, indeed arrived, so he assembled and placed the new net.  It looks much better than the old one and is ready for a few swift kicks.

Thanks, Allen, for assembling the net and disposing of the old one.

posted March 10