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Free Stuff

We have the following items available free.  All are in good working order ready for pick up. Text Sharon at 703-203-2352 or Chip at 703-268-9478 for information.

1. 36 inch wide used glass Pella door. No screen. From outside, right hinged.

2. White 5 blade ceiling fan with light.

3. Queen size Sealy Posturepedic mattress. No box springs.

Sharon Hunt

posted Aug 9

Isaias Hits Mallard Bay

The  hurricane/tropical storm many folks have been following for the past several days hit Mallard Bay in the early morning hours of August 3.  A quick drive around the community revealed no evident signs of injury or damage to personal property, including boats tied up at the Mallard Bay Pier.  Damage to trees, however, was a different story.  Mallard Bay roadways were littered with leaves, branches and uprooted trees.

Ted Hobson was one of the first on the scene of a tree mostly blocking the intersection of Mallard Bay Drive and Canvasback Lane and managed to clear the majority of the trunk, branches and leaves away.  Ted's theory was that the tree had been hit by a tornado, an idea that would fit with discovery of a line of trees whose trunks had been broken off like matchsticks. (see the photos below).  Also cleaning up was Donald Mitchell who could be seen policing up branches taken down by the tornado along the entry drive our community.

Thanks very much Ted and Donald.

It turns out the tornado visited a few local places prior to making an appearance  in Mallard Bay.  Mary McGuire, who did a drive around before me, guided me on a most interesting ride.  I highly recommend it.  Drive along  along Georgetown Road just outside our front gate.  You'll find yourself next to a cornfield on our left.  Drive slowly and you'll soon see what a tornado can do to a cornfield.  Continue driving and head for Brown's Store Market which has no electrical power at the moment.  Pass Brown's Store on your left and enter Light Street.  After a mile or so you'll encounter huge downed trees, two of them crushing the roofs of two homes courtesy of the tornado.  You'll also encounter several electrical repair trucks.  It really made us stop and think of how close we came to serious trouble.

Mallard Bay lost electrical power at 6:00 am and it was restored at around 10:00 am.

If anyone reading this participated in the clean-up, but is not mentioned here or if  you have a story you'd like to pass on about  your experience in connection with the hurricane, please let me know so I can add it to this piece.  - Scott McGuire

Click on a photo of your choice to see a larger image.


CIMG8334.JPG (318424 bytes)   CIMG8339.JPG (246116 bytes)
CIMG8325.JPG (218289 bytes) CIMG8331.JPG (257684 bytes) CIMG8332.JPG (265697 bytes)
CIMG8338.JPG (337296 bytes) CIMG8335.JPG (304245 bytes) CIMG8336.JPG (270587 bytes)

posted August 4

Glasses Lens Found

The lens for a pair of eyeglasses has been found at the Mallard Bay swimming pool.  Please contact Susan Malloy at 301-518-6372 if it's yours.

posted July 31

Mallard Bay Residents in the Rappahannock Record

Two of our neighbors made it to the pages of the Kilmarnock newspaper, the Rappahannock Record.  They are Reverend Brant K. Hays and his wife, Mrs. Barbara Hays who are the subjects of a story on page B4 of the July 30, 2020 issue.    The "Record" 's article reveals that Reverend Hays is the new pastor of the Asbury United Methodist Church in White Stone.  The article also goes into some detail concerning the educational and work-related experiences of both Reverend and Mrs. Hays.

Not included in the newspaper article is the fact that Reverend Hays serves as the Mallard Bay community's Grounds and Pool Manager.

Congratulations, Brant and Barbara!

Click here for a copy of the article.

posted July 30

Birthday Wishes

It's Denzell's 20th Birthday.

We're so grateful & amazed with the incredible & inspiring things you have done. Hope you The Best in what's to come next.

We Love You Denzel!

  From Mom, Dad and sister Taty!

posted July 29

Dead Trees Come Down



A few trees at the entrance to Mallard Bay had come to the end of their useful lives and, so, have been removed by a contractor hired by the Board of Directors.  Several people have commented on how much nicer the entrance looks now.




posted July 29

Ponds Filling Up Again


Puddle Duck Pond is once again refilling with water pumped from Flyway Lake.  In turn, Puddle Duck Pond fills Web Foot Pond through an underground pipe.

For some time, the water flow had been partially stopped up by mud accumulation in the pipe leading from Flyway Lake.  The problem has now been corrected and water is flowing smoothly.



posted July 29

Serious Tree Trimming

Several people have observed that the two rows of trees that line Mallard Bay Drive on both sides between the guard shack and the intersection with Canvasback Lane were starting to look a little droopy, more like weeping willows than sycamores.  Fortunately, home from college, Denzel Mitchell was available to correct the situation.  Armed with pruning shears, his height advantage and a college student's athletic fitness, Denzel managed to trim all 34 trees in three days despite 100 plus degree heat.

His efforts were augmented by Bob Mitchell and Blaine Swank who transferred the trimmed limbs into Blaine's trailer and transported them to the dump.  Thanks very much Denzel, Bob and Blaine for a beautiful job.

You can really appreciate the results of the tree trimming if you approach the Mallard Bay entrance from the vicinity of the entrance to Knight's Landing.  As soon as our community comes in sight, notice the beautifully trimmed trees of the entranceway.

Note the before and after photos below, graciously  provided by Tanya Mitchell.










posted July 24

Basketball Court Gets Turned Around

The Mallard Bay basketball court at Pintail and Canvasback has a new look.  Originally, the basketball net was on the northwest side of the court, overlooking a lovely valley filled with a variety of plants, prickly stuff, unknown animal life and steep gullies.  The result was that when a ball was thrown at the basket and missed, it invariably flew into unexplored wilderness, causing the players to interrupt their game, brave the unknown, and look for the ball unless someone happened to have a spare basketball in his or her pocket.  Although no lives were reported as having been lost as a result of this less-than-ideal situation, a solution was clearly needed.

The problem was cured recently by the simple expedient of moving the basketball net to the opposite side of the court so that mis-fired balls land on a flat, grassy area and are, as a result, much easier to recover.  Of course, this setup required the entire basketball court to be rotated 180 degrees so the lines on the court were in proper position relative to the net.  This was not quite as difficult as it might sound.  The court is made up of a number of 1 foot square sections that can be separated from each other and individually repositioned as needed.

Finally, instead of using the same old basket (which had been damaged in a storm years ago), a new net featuring the ability to be raised and lowered to accommodate teams of varying heights was purchased and installed.

Many thanks to Chair of the Amenities and Common Areas Committee, Ted Hobson, for organizing this effort.

posted July 20

A New Winery Close by

Many residents of Mallard Bay remember Athena Vineyards and Winery, located on the Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway next to the south bank of the Great Wicomico River at 3138 Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway.  It was owned and run by three retired nurses and was a popular close by place to engage in emergency wine tasting, purchase of a variety of wines and shop in their store which included several wine-related items.

After a year or so hiatus, the winery is back in business.  This time, it's called "Triple V Farms - Vines, Vodka or Vinegar".

The business is in the process of preparing for a late-August full opening, but in the meantime, has limited hours selling wine in a tent outside the main building  They're open by appointment only Monday through Thursday and their tent is open Friday through Sunday from 2:00 PM through 7:00 PM.

As their name implies, the winery plans, eventually, to include vodka on their menu.

Contact them by phone at 804-724-5765, email at camspirits@aol.com or view their webpage at https://www.triplevfarms.com/.

To get there, from Wicomico Church, drive north on the Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway toward Burgess and turn left at the sign (above) just before crossing the Wicomico River Bridge.

posted July 20 

Knife Found

Ron Horton reports he found a knife about 11inches long at the end of the Mallard Bay dock.  It looks like an old kitchen knife or galley knife with a metal grip and has a stainless steel blade.  It has some age.  Ron says "Someone's great grandfather could have used it to kill Moby Dick."  Please contact Ron at 580 2089 or email him at capnron60@yahoo.com if you recognize it.

posted July 20

Lost Sunglasses

Brittany Harding has announced she's missing a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses, last seen at the Mallard Bay swimming pool.  If you've seen them and know where they are, please contact Brittany at 804-761-7213.

posted July 20

Outdoor Table to Give Away

We have a 48" round tempered glass top patio table we would like to offer to anyone who wants it.  It has some age on it but is still in good condition. It is too big for our deck space.

If you're interested or have questions, please call me at 410-935-0194 (cel), 804-580-8420 (home) or email me a rla0690@msn.com.

Thanks. - Roxanne Norris

posted July 18

New Restaurant in Heathsville

There is a new restaurant in Heathsville. It is called the "Unique Experience Eatery" and is definitely worth a try.  To get there, if you're leaving Heathsville on route 360 driving toward Burgess, look for the driveway to the Rescue Squad on the right, then the Bon Secours Heathsville Family Practice, then, immediately thereafter, on the right, the entry drive to the restaurant.

They have a full menu - sandwiches and dinners. (The Steak & Cheese Sub was delicious!) They are open Wednesday thru Sunday, 11:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. We need to patronize it so it won't go away like so many restaurants have in that location in the past. TRY IT!!

Unique Experience Eatery

8200 Northumberland Highway Heathsville, VA 22473



Herta Wigginton

posted July 17

Shuffleboard Court Ready for Play

The Mallard Bay shufflebord court, part of the multi-purpose court next to the clubhouse is all set to go.  The new surface has been installed and eight new pucks (four red and four black) have been purchased and are ready in the equipment storage container next to the rack of four cue sticks.

All players are highly encouraged to use the new pucks.  Bring a bit of wax paper with you and use it to rub on and lubricate the bottom of each puck.  They'll move further and easier that way.  Enjoy.

Thanks to Linda Hobson for the wax paper tip.



posted July 17