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Annual Preparation for Swimming Pool Opening

Swimming Pool Technical Maintenance Director Paul Malloy has been busy for the past few weeks ordering chemicals and working with contractors who were sealing the inside of the dry pool, then obtaining and inspecting and getting the official OK to proceed with opening it.  This year, the 350 pounds of chlorine tablets and 520 pounds of salt needed for pool start-up were ordered, picked up and delivered to Paul by Mary and Scott McGuire. Paul has now seen to it that the pool has filled, given its initial dose of chemicals and the heater has been started.

Each year, at this point, Mallard Bay volunteers gather at the pool to clean furniture.  On May 8, the following folks, under Paul Malloy's guidance gathered at the pool to clean off furniture.  They were Paul Malloy, Tanya MitchellSusan Malloy, Debbie Tupper, Bob Mitchell, Linda Hobson, Larry Tupper, and Mary Yordy,   Bob Mitchell brought his pressure washer and the rest of the volunteers used diluted bleach to clean off the accumulated dirt from pool chairs as well as glass-topped tables,  umbrellas and chairs located on the clubhouse deck adjacent to the pool deck.

Many thanks go to the volunteers who took part in this annual project.  When the opening date of the pool is announced, it will be reported on this website.

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Posted May 5

Canoe Give Away

Down by the Mallard Bay boat launch lies a green canoe with the words "Mallard Bay" painted on its sides.  Unfortunately, it's seen better days.  It leaks and despite attempts to keep it afloat with several layers of duct tape, it's of no use to anyone.  WAIT A MINUTE!  How about turning it into something else?  (The trendy word for that is "re-purposing") and it's a very popular activity for folks who can't bear to get rid of their damaged stuff.

Mallard Bay is offering a one-time opportunity.  The first person who takes the canoe away gets it. (Paddles not included).  No messy forms to fill out, no special permission needed.  Just pick it up and start trying to alter its originally intended purpose.  First come, first served.  Here are some suggestions:

Turn it into a flower planter.

Use it as a beverage cooler.

Cut it in half and turn it into two vertical bookshelves.

When a loved one passes away put his or her ashes in the canoe, douse it with gasoline, push it into the river, then light it with a burning arrow for a real Viking-type funeral.

Click on this link for more ideas


This announcement will stay on the Mallard Bay website for one month, after which time, if the canoe has not been claimed, its final destination (sniff) will be the dump.

Posted May 6

Boat for Sale

Boat and Engine - 2000 Sea Ray 240 Sundeck with MerCruiser 5.7L EFI, Bravo 3, 260 horsepower.  331 Engine Hours


A/B Battery Switch


Pump Out Head

On Lift in season

Bimini Canvas Package

Forward Cockpit Table


2006 LoadRite Tandem Trailer with Rollers and disc surge brakes. New tires- current Virginia inspection to 11/21 Requires 6,795 lbs. towing capacity for boat with full tank of gas and trailer.

Serviced by Tidewell Marine. I have all service records.

Asking $22,000.00

Contact Chip Hunt at 703-268-9478

Posted May 5

Gary Yordy Joins Architectural Review Committee

At the May 3 meeting of the Mallard Bay Board of Directors, Ted Hobson, the Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee, (ARC), Ted requested permission to add Gary Yordy to the committee.  His request was approved unanimously.

Gary will replace Dave Marcel who has served there for several years.  Many thanks, Dave, for your service.

Posted May 4

Independence Day Picnic

It's no surprise that the COVID virus has led to cancellation of several social get-togethers in Mallard Bay, but at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, Social Committee Chair Bob Mitchell announced that, in view of the number of people who have been fully vaccinated and the easing of restrictions on attendance at indoor and outdoor private events, he and the Social Committee plan to hold an Independence Day picnic in the clubhouse on Saturday, July 3. All Mallard Bay Property Association members and their guests are cordially invited to attend. 

So, mark your calendar and be prepared to re-establish old friendships, catch up on news items you missed over the past several months while watching endless re-runs of "Gilligan's Island", and sample the delicious food that typically appears at a Mallard Bay social function. (I'm pretty sure Jeanne Widenmyer hasn't lost her touch making deviled eggs!)

Posted May 4

Scammers Now Targeting COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

The Spring 2021 Edition of the Virginia Sheriffs' Institute Newsletter contains an article warning that scammers are now seeking information contained on vaccination cards with the intent of gathering identity information.  The entirety of the article is quoted below.

"At a time when more Americans are receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, there has also been a surge of people sharing this news with family and friends via social media by posting a photo of their vaccine card.  If your privacy settings are not strict, anyone can view your vaccination card, which includes your name, date of birth, patient number and other personal information, and that mans scammers can have full access to this information, which could lead to identity theft.

"Your date of birth is one of the most prized pieces of information a scammer can obtain, so be sure to guard it from disclosure on social media sites.  And, if you've already posted your vaccine card on a site like Facebook, remove it or redact the personal information by covering it."

Posted April 30

Betcha Can't Spell Rhododendron Without Looking

Mallard Bay Landscaping Chairwoman Lynda Browne was recently busy planting two Rhododendron and three Hydrangea bushes in the space directly in front of the clubhouse main entrance.  She was assisted by volunteers Mary McGuire and Bob Mitchell.

Red Rhododendron Shrub







Many thanks to all three for their contribution of labor to the beauty of our community.

Nikko Blue HydrangeaOnce they've bloomed, (in case you don't want to make it obvious that the only flower you can for certain identify is a dandelion), you can impress folks with your botanical knowledge, by remembering that the top photo at the left is rhododendron and the bottom one is hydrangea.




Posted April 30

A New Lawn

Along with the substantial cutting and trimming of trees and brush from the playground across from the Mallard Bay clubhouse, several bags of grass seed were distributed as were a number of bales of hay to assist in the growth of a new lawn on the site.  

This photo was taken to show the grass is starting to sprout and  features in the far right background, the chairs recently donated (see article below) by Roxanne and Larry Norris.

Many thanks to Linda Hobson for being the ramrod for the playground project.

In order to give the grass an honest chance of developing into a beautiful lawn, please resist the temptation to engage in keg parties, clog dancing and drag racing on this site. 

Posted April 27

Have a Seat!!

It's the time of year for maintenance and addition to various amenities in our community.  Here are two that come to mind.

The new dog park now has two new white Adirondack chairs for folks to use while Fido and friends are off sniffing new smells.  Special thanks goes to Bob Mitchell for using his truck and strong back to place the new chairs.








For use on the other side of the community, Roxanne and Larry Norris generously donated two folding Adirondack chairs to place at the fire pit in the playground across from the Mallard Bay clubhouse.  Thanks to you, Roxanne and Larry for your generous gift to our community.

Posted April 24 

Maximum Number of Attendees at Private Functions Relaxed

Effective midnight, May 15, the COVID restrictions on how many people may participate in indoor social functions has been raised by Governor Northam to 100.  The maximum for outdoor functions has risen to 250.

This change has a major bearing on planning for use of the Mallard Bay clubhouse.

Reminder:  Whether or not you get your desired dates for the clubhouse is dependent on how early you make your reservation.  Just calling to ask about the availability of specific date or dates does not insure you get  the dates you want.  Only after a signed application has been properly filled out and signed by you, then received, and approved by clubhouse administration, will the application be approved, signed and returned to the applicant before it's approval is final.  First come, first served.

Click here for a blank copy of the Mallard Bay Clubhouse Agreement.

Click here for a look at the document authorizing the maximum attendance change. (Note paragraph B).

Posted April 3

Mallard Bay Pooches Complain About Dog Park Gate Latch









The Northern Neck Branch of the Brotherhood of Absolutely Really Cool Canines (BARCC), at a recent secret meeting, discussed concerns from the membership about the difficulty of operating the gate latch installed on the fence surrounding the new Mallard Bay dog park.  It seems the existing latch, due either to faulty manufacturing or insufficient lubrication, did not function easily enough for our humans to operate it quickly, resulting in several cases of our canine comrades wandering out of the park, thinking that the day's "outing" was over.  Accordingly, BARCC contacted Mr. Blaine Swank a human well-known for his abilities to solve difficult canine-related problems.  The following are directions on using the new, improved latching mechanism:

Note that the gate consists of two swinging sections - a left side and a right side.

For everyday access to the park, use the left side of the gate by making sure your human lifts the latching mechanism to allow the gate to swing in toward the park. (see photo)

Enter the park, insure your human enters as well, then make sure he/she re-latches the gate. (see other photo)

Note that the right side of the gate is primarily to be opened (with some slight difficulty) by humans so a lawn mower may pass through.

Our thanks and a hearty AARF to Mr. Swank for his skills utilizing his brain, his collection of tools and his opposing thumbs.  If you have any questions, please bark loudly!

posted April 20


What's black, white and red, weighs in just north of 200 backbreaking pounds and serves as a major destination for pooches answering "nature's call" while enjoying the new Mallard Bay dog park?

Answer:  It's a fire hydrant which, thanks to Marshall Sebra (who transported it to and placed it in the park) and Paul Malloy (who gave it a snappy new paint job), now serves as a traditional centerpiece and primary point of canine interest.

Thanks very much to Marshall and Paul for their aesthetic contributions.



Posted April 15

Volunteers Repair Surfaces of Mallard Bay Boat Docks

On Saturday, April 10, volunteers responded to the call from Facilities Maintenance Chair Marshall Sebra (pictured) for help in repairing the surface of the Mallard Bay power boat dock.  Over the years, nine of the planks which form the walking surface on the power boat dock had rotted and during the course of the day, it was discovered that three additional planks on the kayak dock were similarly rotten.  The damaged planks constituted a potential danger to people walking on the docks.

Over the course of more than two hours, the volunteers, Mallard Bay property owners John Miller, Paul Malloy, Larry Tupper and Bob Mitchell performed the back-breaking job of helping Marshall to pry loose the nailed-on rotten planks and to replace them with new wood ones.

Thanks very much to Marshall for leading the group and to those who answered the call.  Thanks, also to Bob Mitchell who provided his pickup truck and his strong legs to help bring the heavy new wooden planks from the lumber yard to the Mallard Bay boat launch.

Posted April 10