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Clubhouse Limitation on Size of Social Functions to be Raised from 10 to 50

For the past few months, people have been forced to cancel or postpone reservations of the Mallard Bay clubhouse for social functions due to a statewide requirement limiting the number of participants to 10 people.  As of June 6, that limitation will be raised to 50, which means, any function involving 50 or fewer people in attendance, will be eligible for a reservation, assuming the requested date has not already been taken.

Click here for a copy of the Executive Order that authorizes, among other things, the number change and please let me know if you have any questions.  - Scott McGuire, 703-298-1192 (cell)

posted June 2

March in Kilmarnock

At approximately 4:45 pm, the afternoon of Sunday, May 31, a Mallard Bay resident was in Kilmarnock and observed a peaceful march of some 100 people moving from the vicinity of Tri-Star Market east on Irvington Road then north on Main Street.  Marchers carried signs indicating the purpose was to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

At least two merchants on Main Street were observed standing outside their places of business. Among others, the Kilmarnock Wal-Mart, Food Lion and CVS Pharmacy were closed. Lancaster County Sheriff's Office personnel were observed on the scene during the demonstration.

At any time, readers of this website are encouraged to report verifiable first-hand reports of sightings of occurrences of safety interest to members of the Mallard Bay community.  Please contact me with reports at 703-298-1192 for possible inclusion on this website. - Scott McGuire

posted May 31

A Hoax Within a Hoax

I recently received a warning concerning a story that there are folks going around neighborhoods claiming to be representatives of the "The Department of Home Affairs" (There is no such organization in the U.S Government.) who are involved in taking a census but, in reality, are intent on committing crimes at the residences they visit.  According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census:

"There is a false rumor circulating online that individuals posing as workers for the "Department of Home Affairs" are going door-to-door to confirm that everyone has a valid ID for the 2020 Census - and committing crimes at homes they are pretending to canvass. This is a hoax that originated overseas. The truth is, there are not any census employees in neighborhoods across the country due to our suspension of all field operations through April 29.

"When census employees do visit neighborhoods later this year, they will not ask the public for any identification. Furthermore, it should be noted that the United States does not have a Department of Home Affairs. Besides not asking the public for any identification, the Census Bureau will never ask you for your Social Security number, your bank account information, your credit card numbers, or for money and/or donations during the 2020 Census.

"If you'd like to verify that someone in your neighborhood is an actual census taker, you can use the following information to help you avoid any potential scams: What will a census taker be wearing when he or she comes to visit? Census takers will have badges and briefcases indicating their affiliation with the Census Bureau. They may knock on doors and ask a few simple questions to verify the address for inclusion in the census. Census takers will introduce themselves as a Census Bureau employee, show their official Department of Commerce ID badge, and explain the purpose of the visit.

"If you still have questions about their identity, you can call 800-923-8282 to speak with a Census Bureau representative."

Scott McGuire, Webmaster

posted May 31

New Family Moves Into Mallard Bay

A new family has moved into Mallard Bay next to and literally on top of Webfoot pond (the upper pond on Mallard Bay Drive).  They are Mr. and Mrs. Canuck and Canadia deGeese, along with their newly born quadruplets, Huey, Louie, Dewey and Zerelda.  Please welcome them to our community.  When engaging them in conversation, however, be aware they are particularly sensitive when topics veer toward that of "Christmas Dinner" and "pâté de fois gras".

Many thanks to Donald Mitchell for the photo.

posted May 22

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Issues Guidance on Using Swimming Pools

Just in time for our swimming pool opening, the U.S. Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines for pool use in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The guidance is contained in an article published in USA Today on May 20 and is well worth reading.  Many thanks to Sharon Hunt for calling it to our attention.

Click here to read the article.

posted May 22

Swimming Pool is OPEN!!

Probably because of the Corona virus and the attendant quarantine, interest this year in when the Mallard Bay swimming pool will be open has been unusually high.

Since May 9, several of our neighbors have been busy getting the the pool and deck furniture ready for use.  Now, a week later, the day has arrived for the beginning of the 2020 season.  THE POOL IS OPEN!!

Among those contributing to the effort were:

Brant Hays, Paul Malloy, Ted Hobson, Bob Mitchell, Coral Horton,

In the past week, these volunteers removed, folded and stored the pool cover, removed leaves and branches from the surface and bottom of the pool, brought the water level up to replace that lost over the winter, added, tested, and verified the necessary sanitizing chemicals in the water, checked the mechanics of the pool for proper functioning, run the pool pumps to filter and  clarify the water, brought the pool temperature up to a comfortable level, and cleaned the pool deck and furniture.

Additionally, this year, because of the virus quarantine measures, Paul Malloy came up with a plan to use the pool and obey the legal restrictions at the same time.  When asked to comment, he modestly said "All I had to do was know how to count to 10."  Well ... not exactly.  Paul has laid out placement of pool deck furniture to provide the required six feet of social distance of the 10 people who are permitted to be using the pool and deck at one time.

For those new to the community, please refer to the "Swimming Pool" tab at the left for a complete list of requirements for using the pool.

Please take a moment to thank our dedicated neighbors whose labor and expertise has contributed to everyone's enjoyment of our pool.

posted May 16

Clubhouse Restroom Locks - 101

When the Mallard Bay clubhouse is not actually in use, all the doors into it should be locked.  Recently, on several occasions, the doors between the restrooms and the interior of the clubhouse have been found to be unlocked.  As a reminder:

Each restroom has two doors:

One is between the restroom and the outside deck.  This one is always left unlocked to allow direct access from outside the building.

One is between the restroom and the clubhouse interior. This door is left locked to keep people using the restroom from entering the clubhouse.

If you are inside the clubhouse and wish to use the restroom, first unlock the door by turning the small round thumb turn in the center of the doorknob to the the vertical or UNLOCKED position.  (The doorknob displayed here has its thumb turn in the horizontal or LOCKED position.)  This is done so that when you're finished in the restroom and wish to return to the clubhouse, you won't be locked out.

After you're back inside the clubhouse, return the thumb turn to the horizontal position and before vacating the clubhouse, please check to insure the doors to both restrooms are locked.

posted May 13

Clubhouse Floor Receives Cleaning and Sealing

The floor at the Mallard Bay Clubhouse is abused by probably the most wear and tear of any other single item there, so every three years, the Board of Directors hires a contractor to clean it up and spread a layer of sealant on it.

This year, the job was done on Friday, May 8.  It consisted of moving all the heavy furniture onto the front porch, sanding, mopping and sealing the result.  The sealant takes a couple days to dry, so the clubhouse remained closed to foot traffic until Sunday, May 10.

After the floor had dried, a crew consisting of Marshall Sebra, Paul Malloy, Mary McGuire, Blaine Swank, Bob Mitchell, and Jeanne Widenmyer moved furniture from the front porch to their proper positions.  They also moved chairs and small tables stored in from the kitchen and restrooms and reinstalled registers in the floor.  With some effort, members of the group also repositioned the clubhouse gas barbeque grill back onto the clubhouse deck.  Sincere thanks to all who helped out.

posted May 8

Improvements at the Boat Dock

It's remarkable what some gravel and hedge clippers will do to brighten up the scenery.  The Mallard Bay Board of Directors contracted with a local tree removal company to improve the looks of the boat dock area and the clubhouse parking lot.

On May 7, a load of pea gravel was spread on the pedestrian path that leads from the boat launch parking lot past the kayak rack to the boggy patch just at the beginning of the crabbing pier.  Not only does it look better, now you'll have a much harder time coming back with muddy shoes.

At the same time, the steps to the swimming pool deck were treated to a new dose of pea gravel and, soon, the clubhouse parking lot will receive the same treatment.

To put the icing on the cake, much of the foliage was trimmed back to improve the view of the Great Wicomico.

posted May 7

Please Don't Feed the Critters

Coral Horton has reminded us with a plea not to feed wild animals.  You'd not be doing them any favors.  Feeding them can make them dependent on us and what started out as an amusement can turn into an annoyance that can lead to the animal's death.  Feeding wild animals is never a good thing. Doing so will get them used to people and we don't want to make them dependent on us for food.  It should come as no surprise that if you feed your pets outside, it's like inviting wildlife to dinner.  It only reinforces the idea that your house is where an easy meal is available.

We also need to carefully keep track of our small pets when they're outside the house as they can fall victim to fox, coyote, hawks and eagles, all of which are classified as predators and all of which are around here in Mallard Bay.  Size does matter.  The smaller the pet, the more likely it will look like dinner to a predator and the more carefully you should watch it when it's outside.

If you spot a wild animal, consider yourself fortunate that you're able to do something other folks in more densely populated areas cannot do.  Observe it only.  Do not try to entice it to come to you for a better look.  Instead, invest in a better pair of binoculars.

Thanks, Coral, for the reminder.

posted May 5