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YMCA Community Activities - You're Invited

Being a YMCA Board Member and huge fan of the Y, I would like to invite you to help make our communities stronger. There are two links below with actions that you can take. You can do one or both! Pass it on! We are doing great things at the Y.

YMCAVP 21-day Equity Challenge! March 1-21, 2021

Working toward advancing equity is a collective effort that requires individual, organizational and societal change. There is no equity without action. Equity is an outcome of intentional and community-driven diversity, inclusion, and engagement. It involves working towards changing systems to strengthen a foundation that ensures fair and impartial treatment for everyone. These 21 days, March 1-21, are our commitment to taking action, to learn and unlearn, to grow and reflect, and to do it together.


Y Annual Campaign Kickoff and Day of Giving is March 3. We are also celebrating 125 years of the Virginia Peninsulas Y.

Why give? Today more than ever, children and families need an empowering place to gather, learn and grow. Our donors ensure that everyone can find this at the Y. Support, like yours, eliminates financial barriers by enabling the Y to reduce membership and program fees for those most in need. From opportunities that enrich our community's next generation to those that help families live healthier lifestyles. Your gift to the Y is an invitation for someone to discover their full potential. Please donate by clicking the link below. This site will allow you to choose your favorite branch in the drop down menu! If you prefer to mail your donation, please do so.



- Sharon Hunt

posted February 26

Tanya Mitchell Becomes New Grounds and Pool Manager

Mallard Bay's new Grounds and Pool Manager is long time Mallard Bay resident Tanya Mitchell who will take over from Reverend Brant Hays.  Tanya will be responsible for keeping the Mallard Bay pools clean, for organizing opening and closing of the pool and for arranging keeping the common grounds of the community orderly.

Many thanks and best wishes to Brant for his service over the past few years and sincere welcome to Tanya.



posted February 25

Governor Northam Eases Up on Some COVID Restrictions

On February 24, Virginia Governor Northam announced via the third amendment of Executive Order 72 the relaxation of certain COVID restrictions.  The order goes into effect at midnight on March 1, 2021.

Unfortunately for Mallard Bay property owners who wish to use the clubhouse, the restriction on attendees at indoor social functions remains at 10.  For outdoor social functions, the limitation is 25.  Click here for a complete copy of the amended executive order.  See the first part of page 13 as it pertains to our clubhouse situation at Mallard Bay.

posted February 24

Amenities Committee to Purchase Picnic Tables

If, recently, you've driven past the Mallard Bay recreation area and dog park at the intersection of Pintail and Canvasback Lanes, you might have noticed a new picnic table.  The Amenities Committee recommended to the Board of Directors that some be purchased for our community.  The Board has approved ultimate purchase of three and agreed to purchase one to try out.  This model was chosen specifically for its heavy weight to hopefully protect it from damage in a heavy wind.  Mary Yordy, the committee's chair woman has provided the following explanation of progress so far.

"After receiving the Pilot Rock Heavy Duty Steel Picnic table frame, Gary (Yordy) traveled to Lamberth's in White Stone to purchase the pressure treated wood (a better price than at Lillian's). After much deliberation over the explicit instructions and with the help of Blaine Swank, the very heavy and sturdy picnic table was born and transported to the Canvasback Lane Sport Complex!! So, after inspection and approval from the board and all, we can move forward with purchasing another picnic table steel frame. Gary purchased enough wood to make another table so just need to order the frame."

Many thanks to Mary, Gary and Blaine for their legwork in moving this project along.











posted February 20

Governor Northam Unveils Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration System

If up until now, you've been a bit confused on how to go about getting an appointment to receive a COVID vaccine in Virginia, welcome to the club.  Were you supposed to contact your church, write a letter to your primary physician, call Walgreen's, consult California Psychics, or hope the subject would be brought up on the evening news?  Did you fill out information on some website, but did not receive the courtesy of a response verifying your request had, at least, been read, leaving you, instead, to speculate it had been opened by Moe, Larry and Curley and been immediately relegated to the circular file?

Great news!  There is now a website, (vaccinate.virginia.gov) run by the government of Virginia that will straighten things out.  Best of all, the website was apparently designed by people who realize that effective communication is a two-way street involving questions and understandable answers.

Just click here for a detailed explanation (suitable for framing or displaying on the refrigerator) of what's involved including pre-registration, eventual scheduling of a vaccination and promises to keep everyone up to date on such issues as availability of the vaccine.

posted February 17

The Beauty of Nature's Winter Helps Train Repair Crews to Fix Downed Power Lines

Northern Neck residents woke up the morning of February 12 to a scene that looked like it came straight out of a Disney nature film.  An ice storm had deposited itself on virtually every tree in a breathtaking scene.  Its weight bent many of the smaller trees over until they were practically touching the ground.  Many, in fact, actually snapped from the strain and, in several cases, hit and broke power lines on the way down.  For the next two days, temperatures hovered at the freezing mark which helped maintain the beautiful decorations, but did little to ease the strain on the trees.  The result was several cases of electrical power outages and lots of work for repair crews.

Below are several photos taken Mary and Gary Yordy, Mary McGuire and Jeanne Widenmyer.  Thanks to all of you for the photos.  Click on the photo of your choice for a larger image.

posted February 14

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Snows and Ice Cause Broken Trees and Power Outages in Mallard Bay

An ice storm the evening of February 11-12 accumulated on trees in the area resulting in breakage of some of the thinner branches in the Mallard Bay area.  Accordingly, several roadways in the community were blocked and several power lines leading into the community were severed resulting in loss of electrical power in Mallard Bay and surrounding communities.  On February 13, the outage lasted for 7 hours and as of 9:00 am on February 14, power only recently came back on after 3 powerless hours.  The outside temperature over the whole time ranged from 30 to 32 degrees.

Northern Neck Electric Company (NNEC) responded quickly and professionally to service calls.  A new feature in the company's service is if you call the company at 1-866-663-2688, you will receive a helpful recorded message that will identify the address on record for the phone from which you are calling, acknowledge that NNEC is aware your address has a power outage, tell you how many customers are affected and, if known, how long it will probably be before you can expect restoration of service.  This will help you decide whether or not to spend the night in a motel.

posted February 14

Mallard Bay Tie to Tuskegee Airman

Carroll WatersIn honor of Black History Month, Tanya Mitchell has shared with us her connection to a member of the World War 2 combat unit, the Tuskeege Airmen.

Tanya's mother, Mattie Taylor, had a cousin, Carroll Waters, with whom she grew up in the 1940s in the Wicomico Church area off Remo Road in Mila, Virginia.  Following college, Mr. Waters, who displayed a clear love for all thing aviation, joined the U.S. Army in 1958  and earned a spot at the Army's Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker, Alabama where he thrived under the tutelage of Walter Crenshaw, Jr., who was the oldest living documented original Tuskegee Airman.  (Mr. Crenshaw passed away in 2016 at the age of 106).

Following his discharge from the Army, Mr. Waters was the first African American pilot and the 3rd pilot hired by Federal Express and left a legacy for future pilots in a praise filled article which can be read by clicking here.

posted February 13

Outdoor Cleanup Services

HAPPY 2021 Mallard Bay residents! If anyone or you know of a friend that may need some work removing gumballs, leaves, fallen branches or any other outdoor clearing to showcase your Spring Blossoming that's starting to appear, that you just can not get to. Call Tanya Mitchell (804)580-0955 for her service & any questions.

posted February 11

Snowmen Guard Entrance to Mallard Bay Dog Park

Everyone knows how seriously sensitive mammals are to the painful effects of ice and snow on the pads on their feet.  Not so well known, however, is the fact that our pets and other four-legged friends can be warned away from the torture of impending serious discomfort by the presence of a human-like statuary.

Sometime prior to the daylight of February 8, unknown humans took it upon themselves to erect helpful warnings in the form of two snowmen just outside the entrance to the Mallard Bay dog park.  Many thanks go out to those humans who took it upon themselves to warn our dogs, cats and visiting mountain lions of impending snow and ice discomfort.

 It's good deeds such as these that help make our community a delightful place to live.

Thanks to Jeanne Widenmyer for passing along the accompanying photo.

posted February 8




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posted February 1