Volunteers Gather to Decorate Mallard Bay Clubhouse

On Saturday, November 27, volunteers got together to decorate the Mallard Bay clubhouse for the holiday season.  Thanks to all who turned out to lend their decorating skills.

Please click on a photo below for a look at a larger version.

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Ppsted November 27

Advent Sunrise Church Service in the Clubhouse

The Mallard Bay community is invited to worship with Fairfields United Methodist Church at the Clubhouse on Sunday, November 28 at 7am. It will be an Advent Sunrise service to welcome in the beginning of the Christian New Year and Christmas season.

It will be brief and coffee/doughnuts will be provided. Brant and Barbara Hays of 120 Ruddy Duck will be hosting it. Call 804-366-6056 if you want more information.

Posted November 24

Fresh Water at Mallard Bay Pier Has Been Shut Off

The temperature over the evening November 19-20 was unexpectedly cold and dipped into freezing territory, so in order to avoid costly damage to the pipes along the Mallard Bay pier, the water was shut off and the pipes were drained.  Additionally, hoses were disconnected from each of the spigots on the pier to allow them to drain properly.  The water will not be turned on again until next Spring.  

If you need fresh water at the pier over the Winter, you may use the red "frost proof yard hydrant" located next to the kayak rack that's situated immediately next to the entrance to the pier.  If you do use this spigot, please remember to shut it off fully and completely remove and drain any hose attached to it when you've finished the job.

Special thanks go to Paul Malloy who volunteered to crawl around in the mud beneath the kayak rack and reach into two concrete-lined holes containing several inches of freezing water covering one valve which shut off the water flow and another that had to be turned on to allow pipes to drain.  Fortunately, Paul did not encounter any long-fanged creatures lurking in the holes.

Posted November 20

Doggy Diapers to Give Away


I have a box (30) of Amazon Basics Disposable Male Dog Wraps (doggy diapers) - free to save your carpets! Call Debbie at 361-445-1941.




Posted November 14

Clubhouse Chimney Receives Repairs

Time had taken its toll on the chimney at the Mallard Bay clubhouse.  Constructed at least 32 years ago, cracks developed in the mortar inviting rain water in.

Over time, the water froze, then expanded and produced more cracks, threatening eventual collapse.

An expert in repairing damaged mortar was hired to return the chimney to its intended new condition.  Without having to replace any of the stones, he has managed to seal the cracks and leave the chimney looking like it was built yesterday.

It is expected the job will be completed October 31, in plenty of time for use by the guy in the red suit.

Many thanks go to Gary Yordy and Ted Hobson for getting the ball rolling on this project.


Posted October 31