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June 9 Rainstorm

On June 9, a strong rainstorm hit Mallard Bay near the entrance to the community.  It, reportedly, did damage to several of the trees that lines the roadway at the entrance and also threw lots of debris into the swimming pool.

Thel tree damage was quickly cleared away by persons unknown and the pool was returned to its usual pristine appearance by Property Manager Tanya Mitchell.  Thanks to Donald Mitchell, Tanya Mitchell and Mary McGuire for providing photos of the damage.

Posted June 10

Rules For Use of the Mallard Bay RV Lot

Among the amenities provided to Mallard Bay residents is a place for parking empty boat trailers, boats on trailers, and recreational vehicles.  At the annual general meeting in 2019, the Mallard Bay Board of Directors approved a set of rules that pertain to use of the "RV Lot" as well as a form to be filled out by property owners to register their particular vehicle.

Both the rules and the form to be filled out to receive permission to park a vehicle on the RV lot can be found by clicking the "Policies, Forms & Reports tab at the left, then scrolling down to the appropriate file.  Alternatively, click on one of the two options below.

Click here for the rules that pertain to use of the RV lot.

Click here for a copy of the form to be filled out for permission to use the lot.

Posted June 8

Copperhead Snake Warning

In 2014 one of our Mallard Bay neighbors was bitten on the ankle by a copperhead snake while gardening in her yard.  The snake was killed and the neighbor was treated with anti-venom and was hospitalized for two nights.

Although rarely seen in Mallard Bay, the snakes do come out to sun themselves on warm sidewalks and pavement and are most often seen after they've been driven from their natural habitat such as when vegetation is removed as is currently the case with clearing of bushes and trees from Mallard Bay's lower dam.

Your best protection is to be vigilant. and follow these recommendations:

Be particularly aware of where you are stepping and what you are stepping on.

Never poke your hand into any space you can't see into.

When working in the yard or walking in the community, wear sturdy footwear, preferably boots or shoes with high tops. Sandals and bare feet should be avoided.

If walking a pet, keep the animal under strict control.

If you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Posted June 3

Dam Road is Closed

In case you were wondering, the two lakes in Mallard Bay are connected.  The upper of the two is Flyway lake which drains into the lower one, Eagle lake.  The water in each lake is held in place by its own separate dam.  The State of Virginia has rules concerning the dams and the Mallard Bay community is presently in the process of insuring that we are obeying those rules by cutting vegetation on the dam that can weaken the dam's structure.  

In order to insure safety during the cutting, the road that crosses the dam holding back Eagle Lake (the lower one) is closed until further notice.

This photo shows the road across the dam leading from southeast to northwest.

If you have any dam questions, please contact Gary Yordy at 703-606-5989.

Posted June 1

Water Aerobics to Begin at Mallard Bay Pool

Starting Friday, May 21, the Mallard Bay Exercise Group will meet in our community's swimming pool for water aerobics every Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

 All MBPOA property owners are welcome to participate.  If you have questions, please contact Susan Malloy at 301-518-6372.

Posted May 18