Neighborhood Watch


The Neighborhood Watch is a group of residents organized to provide extra eyes in the community to combat crime.  

The primary positions in our structure consist of "Contact" and "Patrol" members. The Contact members are volunteers willing to speak  with Mallard Bay residents who may want someone to contact with general questions or observations regarding neighborhood safety and the Watch Program.  The Patrol members are our feet, eyes and ears on the streets.  Most of these folks are the dog walkers, exercisers, and others who regularly find themselves out and about  in the community during the course of their day.

Detective Todd Jones, our Liaison with the Sheriff's Office, may be contacted directly by property owners regarding having your home added to a Sheriff's patrol list during your away periods such as vacations, business travel, or emergency absences.

If a crime in progress or suspicious activity is observed, immediately contact the Northumberland Sheriff's Office (call 911) so that they can provide timely and appropriate response.  Don't second guess your first instinct if you suspect something is amiss.  Our Law Enforcement Officers would much rather respond to a call and have no issue than respond after the fact to a situation where being on the scene earlier may have changed the outcome.

County Sheriff's Office Offers Patrols of Vacant Homes

The Sheriff's office requests that homeowners who expect to leave their homes vacant for extended periods over the winter (e.g. holiday vacations, seasonal relocation or unexpected situations) contact the Sheriff's Office directly through Detective Todd Jones by phone at 804-724-0589 or by email at tjones@northumberlandsheriff.net so that special emphasis can be placed on patrolling those homes while they're unoccupied.  The Sheriff's Office stresses that participation by homeowners in this program is strictly voluntary.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide added security for your possessions and added peace of mind for yourself when you're miles away from the community.



Allen Garland

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator




Todd Jones

Sheriff's Department Liaison




Contact Members

Lynda Browne



Scott McGuire




Dave Marcel




Charla Marcel





Carl Wigginton






Dale Henderson




Patrol Members

Ted Hobson


Coral Horton



Gary Yordy






Herta Wigginton



Meghan Bowis



Mary Yordy


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