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Marion Mitchell


Mallard Bay Resident Publishes Book

Mallard Bay resident, Marion Mitchell, has written a book entitled Ninety-Five and Still Alive.  It was published November 9, 2016 in paperback form and is available for sale on www.amazon.com at the price of $10.00 plus shipping.  This delightfully uplifting book is described on the Amazon website is as follows:

"When a life filled with adventure and reward is suddenly derailed by tragedy, how do you cope? How do you come to grips with such a reversal and move on? In this inspiring volume, an articulate woman of advanced age looks back and tells her story. Her husbandís career as a metallurgical engineer took them to remote places where rare metals were mined. As his career blossomed, they enjoyed many adventures, including arriving in Cuba during the revolution. They had a vacation home on their own island in a lake in eastern Washington. Then, not one, but two tragedies within eighteen months rocked her comfortable world. Without preaching to us, she shows how she placed her trust in God and was able to find joy again, embracing both the adventure and the tragedy of life."