July 3, 2021 - Independance Day Picnic


Leading up to July 3, 2021, the weather had been disagreeable.  Record setting heat, wind and rain for the past month or so made the possibility of more on the date of our Independence Day celebration more and more certain.  Coupled with residual caution still in effect from the COVID virus, predictions on the success of the annual picnic were not rosy.

Fortunately, the weather suddenly got cooler, less windy and dry, all at once and attendance at the picnic stood at a rare number somewhere between 65 and 70!  In fact, so many people showed up that, were it not for excellent pre-planning on the part of the social committee, led by Bob and Winky Mitchell, it came close to running out of hamburgers and hot dogs.  To them, so much is owed for the success of the event.

As always, sincere thanks go to the participants who brought the delicious side dishes and desserts.

The following is from Bob Mitchell:  

Special thanks go to Bill Schreier and Sharon Lommel who helped Winky and me set up. While setting up we found a long table with a bent bracket on one of the legs,Bill had tools in his car and was able to repair the table. I would also like to thank Scott and Blaine for the canon on the river. I would also like to thank all those that stayed and put away the tables and chairs and cleaned up. Thank you Mary McGuire for her help serving the hotdogs and burgers. And a very special thanks and love to Winky for all her help in preparing the condenments. And thank all of those for the tasty side dishes and the desserts. And thank you God for the fantastic weather.

Please click on a small photo below for a larger photo.

Photos by Susan Malloy

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